Did you know social media marketing is how I got started in digital marketing?

My mom was convinced I’d end up with a career in advertising when I wrote my 1st grade spelling words in an engaging storyline instead of random words to make sure I hit the bare minimum. Forever the overachiever, you know what I mean?

Anywho – I’ve been offering social media content creation and copywriting services over the last decade throughout my career. I never actually announced it- and I haven’t even written content for it (UNTIL NOW).

Social Media Posts Written For You

Ah- the dream. One of my clients reached out for help posting on social media. She knew that she needed to have a presence on social media but just didn’t have the time to invest into the process.

I just don’t have the time to do it

-busy salon franchise location owner

Social media content creation and planning really does take up the most of my time. It’s not something you turn off. I’m knee deep in a Netflix binge during Christmas break – BOOM- inspiration (or a trending audio) takes off and I’m up creating content.

Social media is now.

Staying constant, consistent and curated are three of my best tips for a successful social media marketing strategy. But who has the time for Tik Tok 24/7? Not it! But social media marketing tools (outside of what Facebook and Instagram maintains on their platforms) – are an excellent #lifehack for a busy solopreneur to get ahead in planning and spend more time on what makes them money.

3 Ways to Grow on Social Media

Be Constant – Growth comes when your name is in front of your ideal buyers frequently.

Be Consistent – Having the same brand look and voice every post, on every platform, every engagement. Decide what that is first so you can grow forward.

Curate- Off the cuff content is rarely good. Unless you’re an experienced improv actor, comedian or super witty community manager. Create a plan to share relevant, unique, current, and trendy content throughout your social media using a tool – like

Then, chill.

Social Media Helps Build Organic Search Visibility

As a digital marketer, I beg you- please start publishing and sharing content on social media. There are more benefits to social media marketing than simply having “likes” and going viral. Linking from your website to these social media platforms can give a boost to your domain authority rating There’s also a ton of other benefits but I’ll discuss that in more detail later.

Want to get started on social?

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