Your business needs to be found online. This general effort starts frequently with the introduction of local business listings. At the bare minimum.

You started a business. GREAT! Now let’s make sure it’s able to be found on search engines. I realize that sounds incredibly low-effort – but I assure you it is the key step that most local business owners forget. Whether you’re launching a nationwide business or a bakery – you need to be sure you information is consistent and updated at all times.

You need to be constantly aware of how your most critical location data appears on Google, Yelp, Facebook and dozens more maps, apps, search engines, and directories. When referring to the most critical location data, we speak about your:


ADDRESS (physical locale and web address)



-Keep your business listings clean = be found online easier.

-Proximity to searcher is a reported Google ranking factor for local searches such as “near me” + “nearby” + “[service/product] in [city, state]”
-Local searches show conversion-intent behavior. These keywords are referred to as “in-market triggers”.

-In-market triggers is where your brand should be for ready-to-buy searches.

-Amongst many other reasons why local search is the top trending digital marketing tactic from the last few years

See how you score with an in-depth analysis of your local search visibility. Connect with me below and I’ll review your company’s ability to be recognized online.

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