I adore developing optimized-for-search content strategies for my clients.

I’m serious. I sincerely cannot believe I haven’t worked on my own website’s content strategy for search engine optimization benefits. I think they say that’s a good sign right?

Something, something, the shoemaker doesn’t have shoes for his own family? You know what I mean. I’ll Google it or something later.

Business Owners Hear the word “Blog” and Run – But Shouldn’t! It’s a #MoneyMaker Opportunity too Easy to Pass Up

This is where I personally believe my skills shine. I can find the angle for your business in a newsworthy story quicker than you can holler ” EXPERTISE. AUTHORITY. TRUSTWORTHINESS.” — you know the three most important factors to rank your content on the internet.

E – A – T; The Internet’s Stamp Of Approval

Yep, NatalieCoyne.com approved content.

Google Search E-A-T scoring judges how well your website content covers your industry. 

E-xpertise: show samples of your skills / benefits

A-uthority: proof that others look to you for knowledge in your industry
T-rustworthiness: you are who you are and others can vouch for it.

Now…SEO sounds simple if we have a recipe like that – but how do you pull off a unique, interesting, relevant and timely content strategy that covers all EAT ranking factors in the entire solar system?

You planet.

Ha. Not sorry. for that one.

Content Strategy is not one and done.

 It’s good to have content that is “evergreen” – good for all times, as well as timely content that could be considered newsworthy (to earn free backlinks from media / press sites). Many companies are humble and modest – I respect that, I do – but I can’t grow your business organically without news / media links.

That’s not true — I can. But our growth will be limited and likely expensive. The internet is expanding with AI content written by robots more and more by the second. To combat this snowball of bad content – Google (and the other search engines) will start slapping down ill-optimized websites within the rankings.

If you’ve lost a lot of organic search traffic or keywords have dropped, I can help.

My SEO tools can review historical data from within your website and across the achives of the internet to tell what pages used to be driving customers to your website — and are no longer.

My clients come to me for my creative positioning for their brand in search engine marketing.

You’ll find why soon enough.

If your website is not driving success for your business – it’s time to rethink your website content. Message me here to learn how we can partner up to develop the best dang optimized for search engine internet content strategy the web has ever seen!

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