SEO is how you grow your business online.

My greatest lesson in my career in marketing is to start at the foundation.

Listen, (Linda) – I specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and the biggest complaint I hear from prospect clients is that they think they’re overpaying. What that tells me is that the results are not compounding. If you’re questioning your monthly invoice from your SEO company – let me take a peek at your website. I will analyze your current state and return with a suggested strategy for improvement.

Let me show you the high value of confident SEO strategies.

A successful SEO strategy should improve more than organic search metrics

-Natalie Coyne. Today. Now.

Here’s the thing – a search engine optimization strategy should not be that complicated. You must understand the objective before agreeing to start the project. A sturdy foundation is the goal. Success will follow.

Agencies that overcomplicate the service are doing the industry a disservice by offering SEO services with massive price tags just so that they can have a ping pong table in the office or hipster coffee cups.

I’m not bitter, I swear. I just come from a ‘cut the bologna’ kind of upbringing. I’ve loved my time and experience in the STL digital marketing agency realm. I owe my career to many people who have taught me deeper lessons. These experiences that I would have never had if I had been strictly self-taught like so many digital marketing independent contractors are. Yikes. Those guys give me a bad name. Self-taught with a decade of experience behind me – I am equipped to provide digital marketing agency strategies at independent contractor pricing. 🙂

You know what’s cool about working with digital contractors? You don’t need to pay for the ping pong table. I am perfectly capable of analyzing your website’s performance and online visibility reports from the comfort of my couch – and frequently, the creativity-inducing aura of my elliptical.

I’m a one-(wo)man show who has shown proven results with strategic, well-thought-out SEO plans. My clients range from personal brands to service-based companies to corporations. I’m good at what I do and I’d like to think people like working with me.

The SEO Expert You’ve Been Searching For

If you’re looking to become an authoritative presence online, search engine optimization services by Natalie Coyne Dot Com are the perfect way to make sure your voice is heard. You can increase your website authority score through a variety of techniques and they all boil down to having solid search engine optimization tactics employed within your website.

I consider myself to be an SEO expert and now that I’m back living in St. Louis – I can offer local support to your SEO strategy.

Each SEO plan of attack is tailored to your needs so that your DA + DR metrics rise and search engines recognize you as a valuable partner.

We utilize tactics like building quality backlinks, increasing domain authority, and boosting reviews as part of our search engine optimization consulting services; with us, there’s no need for guesswork in understanding how search engine optimization works.

I will analyze your digital presence within the Search Engine Results Pages and return with a recommendation.

Let’s get started with SEO!

Get ahead today by reaching out to Natalie Coyne Dot Com and gaining the visibility you deserve.

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What is Search Engine Optimization, anyhow?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing new. You do it on small scales anytime you create content. There are small tasks that you’re absent-mindedly completing within SEO tactics that you probably have never thought of.

From describing your art (alternative text) or writing copy for your website – you are engaging in an activity that is optimizing your website for the internet.

Keep coming back and I’ll share easy steps to learn how search engine optimization can grow your business.

Website Domain Authority Campaigns

Website authority is the metric that tells search engines how well your site is able to rank online. Think of it as a judgment as how worthy you are to be shown off within the search engine’s best of the best- previously known as the first page of Google.

The authority of your website is measured by third-party created metrics named: 
-domain authority (DA)
-domain rating  (DR)

Many factors affect your website’s authority scoring but some include:

-Age of domain 
-Number of backlinks
– Quality of backlinks
-Number of reviews 

Here’s a prime example of an authority growth campaign:

This publisher reached out to me to add my info on their website. In exchange for visibility – I link to their domain.

The hope is that my site visitors will follow the link to gain website traffic (and credibility aka authority).

This link building approach can be time consuming and rather expensive if you end up hiring a PR agency to manage your earned media.

There are better ways to build your domain authority.

Social media platforms and directories are an easy way to score high DA links at a low investment. I don’t suggest going out and adding your business information to every website all willy-nilly though. There is a strategic process in uploading content to the internet that I bet you had no idea was out there. No big – you’re here now!

Let’s analyze your current authority status and see how we can grow together.

Content is EVERYTHING.

The content on your website is one of the most important factors for ranking online.

 If the words on-site don’t tell users what you do – then search engines won’t know how to categorize your site. Not knowing how to categorize the content leads to content not ranking – in simple terms, of course. There’s far more to it but it’s not complicated. Just tedious.

A robust content strategy built to cover all areas of awareness, consideration and intent is imperative to drive organic search traffic to your website, at all areas of the consumer purchasing journey. Content strategy is created from keyword research, trending topics, search terms triggered in paid search campaigns, and industry-related news. 

Content types that help drive organic search traffic are: 
– Service / Pillar pages 
– Supporting Content 
-Long-Form Information Sharing / Educational Pieces 
-Research / Survey Results
– Blog / News / Articles

We track keyword rankings,  page authority metrics, and overall search traffic stats. 

Let’s Get Technical

Technical SEO is the ultimate blame game. If you’ve been working diligently on growing your domain’s authority and publishing quality content across the internet and you’re still not seeing incremental growth from search engine traffic? SOMETHING IS WRONG.

I say the blame game because generally speaking your website’s technical stack is the source of a decreasing amount of organic search traffic.

Technical SEO is a broad term for a wide range of website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings). 

This practice is a continual effort where developers analyze current status and test different optimizations that best work for your domain.
Some of these optimizations include:
-Resolving URL indexing errors

-Maximizing your crawl budget

-Image Optimization and Decompression
-Title Tag Analysis and Updates

-URL Semantics and Page Path Review
-Internal Linking Structure Updates

 -Navigation Improvements and Crawl Optimizations
-User Experience Design Updates

We frequently crawl all URLs and review the domain’s health and track all optimizations made for a successful growth strategy.

Frequently, staging environments are required to ensure any and all optimizations made do not affect the visuals of the website’s front-end.

Let’s Get Started on SEO:

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