Hey! I'm Natalie -Self-Proclaimed Digital Marketing Nerd.

I Build Websites

Developing robust content strategies aligned with Technical SEO'd sitemaps for launch.
Folks seem to really like them because they keep comin' back.

I Write Content

Search Engine Optimization content planning completed with deliberate keyword research.
I'm Self-Employed, but really Google is my boss.







Why would you want to work with me anyhow?

For years, I’ve been an active member of St. Louis’ digital marketing community. Whether I am aggressively tweeting about the most recent Google algorithm or connecting with my peers in the advertising realm on LinkedIn, I like to stay connected – IRL or online!

Growing up on the internet has made my passion for digital marketing stick as much more than a career. I’s who I am. Developing content marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques or paid search war plans – I love it all.

After almost a decade underneath the St. Louis marketing agency umbrella, I’ve decided to go rogue and cultivate a digital marketing experience for small to medium-sized businesses, no matter what their corner of the internet is.

If you’re a marketing manager or director of strategy of a mid-level organization with digital properties already set up and you just want someone else to do it – I’m your girl! 

If you’re a small business and need someone to develop your brand online – with limited schedule to stay up to date with digital marketing trends – I’m an excellent partner. 

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur stepping out into the word and need help developing a personal brand strategy for social media or email marketing – come along for this ride!

Digestible Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s not make it complicated. Tell me what your goals are and I’ll tell you what it’s going to take to make it happen.

I’m only successful when you are. 

Wanna hang out?

Don’t say no, yet. I know this website is super ugly. I spent approximately one hour updating it before I got pulled into a development meeting.  I’ll make it pretty when there’s time. For now – trust in my brain – don’t judge my website. 


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