The Future of Search is in Amongst Us : How Search Engine Algorithm Visibility will Change the Game


Woah, this past weekend (April 22, 2022) – The EU announced their decision to approve the updated Digital Services Act (DSA) which will force tech giants to reveal the way their products work and track online behavior.

To the common man, this is a great step towards transparency and trust in the world of the three ws.

As a search engine marketer, this news dropped and my heart fluttered. This move towards transparency further proves my cardinal rule for digital marketing services. If you know – you know.

Truth and Transparency in Digital Marketing is The Move

I’ve worked in this industry for nearly a decade now. The amount of times I’ve had to ask a client where their online analytics are housed — and the reply is “idk” makes my heart ache. There are far too many slimy salesmen who have oversold a product or service which is not fully ironed out yet.

Grey area in service agreements will be the downfall of your business.

Read that again.

What does the DSA mean for search engine marketers?

The times of “it depends” are slipping through your fingertips, fellas. You’re going to need to learn to perfect your practice and earn your clients’ trust the old fashioned way. Through education and clear communication, search engine marketers and business owners will sing in success. According to – EU president Ursula von der Leyen said the DSA “will upgrade the ground-rules for all online services in the EU.”.

The full text has not been opened for full review, yet. Partial terms released already mentioned that major tech providers like Facebook Meta and Google will need to allow users to inspect their recommendations algorithm which is the tool that individualizes each and every search / feed, tailored for that unique user – based on their online behavior.

Wait — did you know you can find out what Google (or any search engine for that matter) knows about you?

How do you find out what Google knows about you?

With a simple Google search – they tell you what they know about you. This came directly from a featured search snippet (the feature in the search engine that recommends a possible article that answers your inquiry).

Get a summary of data in your Google Account

  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. On the navigation panel, click Data & privacy.
  3. Under “Your data & privacy options,” select Data from apps and services you use. Content saved from Google services.

This Google Support article goes more in-depth into how you can find that information for your own account, here.

Other Updates to the EU Digital Services Act:

This came directly from:

What is next for the future of Search Engine Marketing?

Not sure. It changes every day. I’m sorry, the correct answer is “it depends”. I’m teasing. The EU Digital Services Act will absolutley change the forefront of our careers. While I’m not 100% sure how that looks for us yet — you betcha I’ll be keeping you all updated.

Until then.


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