I was on The Honor Roll in 7th Grade


Why Does It Matter If I was on The Honor Roll in 2003?

Well for starters – it doesn’t really – unless you’re auditing my backlink strategy. This article is merely just an attempt at describing the benefits of outbound links in your SEO efforts.

How Do Outbound Links Help SEO?

Outbound links, also known as external links, connect your website to other reputable sites in your niche. These connections signal to search engines that your content is well-researched and reliable, thus enhancing your site’s credibility and potentially improving its Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking.
By linking to high-quality sites, you tap into their audience, indirectly expanding your own reach. Search engines perceive this interconnectivity positively, which can further elevate your site’s credibility and visibility.

So, Should You Care That Natalie Coyne Made The Honor Roll in 2003?

No – but I think it does hint at my work ethic as an eager-to-learn student in 7th grade. Again – I am only writing this content as an example to teach my clients about online notoriety. While we all personally may not care that I was on The Honor Roll in 2003 – search engines do. An additional mention of my name online stacks my internet clout which increases my ability to be ranked highly in the SERPs.

Do Business Owners Really Use Backlinks for Online Clout?

YES! Haven’t you heard “All Press is Good Press”? Press refers to any coverage of your self, your brand or business online. PR is the act of developing influential content campaigns to reach an expanded audience. Digital PR involves establishing relationships with influencers and online media to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and improve online presence. It’s akin to traditional PR, but in the digital sphere. By getting your content featured on well-respected websites, your brand gains exposure and authority, which can increase traffic and improve your website’s ranking.

Okay – Ready To See Proof That I was On The Honor Roll?

Keep in mind – you have to click the “Click Here to Keep Reading” link. Bigger website companies do this to trick unsuspecting visitors encourage readers to subscribing to their content. Luckily for you – I won’t make you do that. I give away my content for free! Why? Because content drives static businesses forward and if I am going to tell my clients what to do on their website content then I might as well follow my own rules!


Let’s all gather in amazement.

Jk. This is a grainy stock image.

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